LINKING ART - video art by Linda Hoen

Sample of the video Reminisce

"When summer returns it'll all be different. Only traces remain, I see them light up as I sit here by the waterside glancing at the shimmering surface while grass tickles my bare feet. How subtly these contours emerge, move and evolve into something resembling you, then swiftly immerse into nothingness. If I could just hold on, freeze this moment or make the images whole again…
Instead they all evaporate however long I sit here and ponder. All the while I hear silvery sounds of insects humming and traffic passing in the distance as a hint of summer still lingers in the air. Nothing ever stops, it just continuously alters and reshapes".

This is a sample of the video Reminisce that deals with evanescence and the inevitability of life that continuously transits into memory. There's no way of holding on no matter how much we sometimes want to. At times memories can loom up and become clear and lively as if reliving the past. Just as you try to focus, the image fades and disappears.

The total duration of the video is 11 minutes. It should best be viewed in a darkened room with a beamer and a large projection screen. As the video lacks chronology it doesn't have to be viewed from beginning to end. Viewers can just walk in and let themselves be immersed in the imagery for as long as they want.


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