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general art links - last update: juli-2005

Lugansk Art Gallery
Art Beyond Borders - international artistcollective
Cage - online gallery and large linkscollection
Top 100 Art sites - by clicking the link you will also vote for my site.
Online gallery - artists can suggest their work
Site about International Cultural Activities
Links and information about Dutch funds
Links to all kinds of international art sites
Very extensive ar-tlink and art-history site
Mixed international art-links
Another collection of international links
Extensive site about art with: artist directory, magazine, gallery and much more
Digital Art Magazine - very interesting for digital artists

Ireland's leading magazine for visual arts
Juxtapoz Art Magazine
Publisher of art magazines and books
THE New York Art magazine
Dutch Media Art Institute
International exhibitions ? Use this handy international currency converter
Your name has to be here ... Online Artist directory
International Artist directory
Site about Russian art and artists You can place your work online for free A big list of Dutch artists and galleries is een verzameling van links die interessant zijn voor de film- en televisiewereld.
Home Cinema Systems

video art
digital paintings